Titles by Amit Goswami, Ph.D.

  • How Quantum Science is changing our beliefs about Matter, Consciousness, God, and Soul

    Released: November 2022

    Genre: Nonfiction

    Tired of the prevalent information culture, people, young, middle aged, or old, are all asking one thing: How do I find meaning and purpose in my life instead of the trivial pursuit that everybody seems to engage? In this book, Amit Goswami and Valentina Onisor, address your meaning questions as well open the door for you for a purposeful life. They begin with questions of existence such as What is consciousness? (who are You?) and questions of God and soul, but their objective is to give you the benefits of a new science, quantum science, and its revolutionary worldview that integrates the age-old feud between science and spirituality. With this new vehicle to ride on, they help you find answers to questions all people at all times have sought, How do I find a satisfying profession? And How do I find love in my life? Of special note is the attention they bring to women’s spirituality, empowering women.

  • Released: April 2022

    Genre: Nonfiction

    In Quantum Psychology and the Science of Happiness, theoretical physicist Amit Goswami brilliantly explain the great exploratory power of consciousness-based quantum science, and minutely describe its numerous implications for scientific disciplines such as neuroscience. Medicine, and psychology. Goswami also show how this new science can change our lives for the better. A must-read book. Prof. Mari Beauregard, Ph.D. Neuroscientist, University of Arizona Author, Brian Wars and Expending Reality

    Quantum Psychology and The Science of Happiness…
    Explains how quantum physics helps us build a science of the human being with consciousness as the ground of being.
    • Helps develop a science of your self-experience and shows how your free will and creativity works.
    • Facilitates the understanding of a science of all of your experiences of external and internal objects for you to get a grip on the ecology and hygiene of your psyche.
    • Helps us develop a genuine science of manifestation, specifically of the three I’s of empowerment: Inspiration, Intention, and (creative) Insight.
    • Empowers you to embark on a journey of personal growth and transformation towards positive mental health and emotional intelligence.
    • Charts the transformational journey toward becoming an original, and to explore joy and happiness in the world in the form of what we call quantum enlightenment.
    • If you venture to seek spiritual enlightenment of perfect happiness, we dedicate a chapter to that subject also. It is with great joy and reverence for your journey, that we share our collective experiences and efforts, and urge you to live quantum and be happy!