Writing has always been a very relaxing and fulfilling way for Ann Blackburn to express herself. It existed primarily in the journals that she kept over the years and in the form of poetry. Her inspiration usually came from her time spent exploring the high desert country that she had grown to love and from the animal companions that she surrounded herself with. When she left her career in laboratory medicine to pursue a new way of life, she found more time for writing and decided that writing a book would be her next challenge. She wanted to find a way to honor her beloved companions, E-Sup, who was a wolf hybrid and Daza, who was 100% wolf, and found that writing a book was the perfect answer. Not only could she honor their memories, she also felt that she could use the book as an avenue to encourage people to care for all animals, which would also be a way to honor them. Ann is excited to have worked with Luminare Press on a second edition of E-Sup and Daza’s book. The Dance: Light, Love & Life With Two Wolves, is the wonderful result of this work.

Because of her need to honor another remarkable companion, she found herself on another emotional journey with the writing of Cowgirl: The Life & Times of a Special Border Collie. The subject of this book is Patches, a wonderful border collie who left a huge mark on the author’s life and who warmed the hearts of all who met her. Through her loving ways, Patches managed to make the world around her a happier place and if all dogs were allowed to do this, the world would be much better for it. After reading about her and seeing her pictures, this little border collie should inspire anyone who meets her to care for all animals and the world around them just as she did.

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  • by Ann Blackburn

    Meet E-Sup, a very affectionate, gregarious wolf hybrid and his mate, Daza, a very sweet, yet mysterious, 100 percent wolf. Join the author as she shares a deeply spiritual and loving relationship with them, where the rewards far outweighed the many challenges. Her spirit never felt so free, nor her inner strength so strong and centered, as during her life with E-Sup and Daza. To this day, she can see the vision of their smiling faces and feel their infectious energy to her core. It is a great renewal of her body and spirit. Their joy and connection to the natural world are their gifts that remain with her.

  • by Ann Blackburn



    When Patches Introduced herself to people, the first thing that they saw was a beautiful black and white border collie with long, silky hair and I am sure that she knew what a very pretty girl she was. It was her happy, magically loving spirit that really took control of people, drawing them into her rainbow like a magnet. Patchy’s life was full of friends, human and animal. If she wasn’t able to form an immediate friendship, which was her goal, she would work at forming a friendship over time. Since her life was spent primarily on a ranch, she did have her share of excitement and danger, but most of her days were happy and free.

    Border collies need to be kept busy, exercised, have a job and they love to work. Patches was no exception in that she loved to work, strived to do her best and true to her breed, she was dedicated to her family and had a strong desire to please us. She was lucky enough to have cattle in her life and was able to do all of the things that go along with raising cattle that her breed loves to do. They all seem to form an attachment for their pickup trucks, their four wheelers, their hay wagons and, not to mention, their cattle or sheep. It is not uncommon to see them riding on a hay wagon, a truck or a four-wheeler and with big smiles on their faces.

    For the most part, border collies in general have that light, loving personality that is so endearing. My Patchy was no different in that respect, but she had a way of sharing her happiness. I might be prejudiced, but there was no doubt that my girl possessed a gift that anyone who met her could feel and I was lucky to be a part of it every day. On any given morning, I could walk out my door and be met by that darling Patchy face with her smile that would light up my day. She had a way of communicating with me that allowed her to share many things that were of interest to her or that she was enjoying.  To this day, she is still finding ways to make me smile.




  • Vici Downing

    Vici L. Downing

    Reviewed in the United States on May 4, 2021

    I highly recommend this book. It was such a joy getting to know Patchy through Ann’s eyes. I laughed and cried as I felt like I was on the ranch with Patchy and all of Patchy’s friends. Ann has a lovely way of relating her connection to her furry family. Patchy will live in my heart forever.