Ashleigh Taylor is a day dreamer, reader, and story lover who has been writing for as long as she can remember. She lives in Colorado with her husband, Ben, and their two children, stealing hours to create new worlds while her household sleeps. Ink is her first novel, book one of The Fate Undoing series.

Title by Ashleigh Taylor

  • by Ashleigh Taylor

    What if you never had to make another important decision in your life?

    Four friends travel down a notoriously dark road and within the blink of an eye end up in a mirrored world where they are thrust into the lives of their mirrored counterparts. Separated and scared, they fall into their prospective roles hoping to buy time and freedom so that they can find each other and get home.

    Grayson returns home from the dead, to the surprise of himself and the people around him.

    Farrah becomes what stands between the innocent and a war as she walks towards the throne, tied hand-in-hand with a darkness she can’t escape.

    Liam awakes in his own personal nightmare: as a war machine—the person he swore he would never be.

    And Sloan wakes to magic, where reality is written from the inside-out of a person. Is she the reason they are all here to begin with?

    Will they ever make it home or will they be swallowed by their roles and lost to the Ink?