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Bobby Kocol is a former CEO, CFO, CPA, and board member with a master’s degree in business. He played baseball at Mississippi State University, where he was the MVP and an Academic All-American, leading his team to the College World Series. He was also drafted three times to play professionally. He has delivered keynote corporate messages worldwide, collaborated with Wall Street institutions and Fortune 500 corporate executives, mentored collegiate students, and occasionally stepped up to the plate as a fill-in preacher.

Title by Bobby Kocol

  • Diamonds, Deals, and Divine Guidance by Bobby Kocol

    by Bobby Kocol

    • Released: April 2024
    • Genre: Memoirs

    In Diamonds, Deals, and Divine Guidance, Bobby Kocol shares his extraordinary journey through dreams of big-league baseball, challenges in the dynamic world of business, and familial experiences of heartbreak to a life of solace, faith, and hope through the profound wisdom in biblical scripture. With insight and humility, Kocol discusses how embracing values with “IMPACTS”—identification, motivation, preparation, accountability, compassion, trust, and speech—will jump-start the experience of God’s extraordinary plan designed for you. Diamonds, Deals, and Divine Guidance offers tools to help readers choose a path of passion, ambition, and unwavering faith that can conquer self-doubt, unlock boundless peace and fulfillment, and create lasting impacts in the lives of others.

    Immerse yourself in these character-building principles and foster positive change in your life. March forward with confidence, fortified by steadfast resilience. Let these timeless precepts, shaped by divine guidance, navigate you through life’s storms and propel you toward freedom and self-fulfillment.