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Breannan S. Matris, a psychic medium with extensive experience working with ghosts, provides information on the process of death as a transition. She explains why some people do not complete this journey successfully and become ghosts. She gives examples of personal interactions with ghosts and sheds light on what ghosts may need from us. Breannan explains why so many fear ghosts and whether or not they should. This book is designed for anyone who has ever been curious about ghosts.

Title by Breannan S. Matris

  • by Breannan S. Matris

    • Released: February 2024
    • Genre: Novels

    Though the subject of ghosts has been around for centuries, very little is known about them. The Nature of Ghosts: Who They Are, What They Are, and Why They’re Here delves into the mysteries of ghosts and provides clear, down-to-earth explanations about their natures. The book discusses how ghosts come to be, why they remain, how they impact us, what they experience as ghosts, and more.