Leonard P. Hindsley is professor emeritus of Providence College where he taught German, Theology, and Western Civilization for thirty years. He also served as pastor of St. John the Baptist Parish in Westport, Massachusetts. He authored many articles and books including Margaret Ebner: Major Works, The Mystics of Engelthal, and The Revelations of Adelheid Langmann. A book on St. Dominic’s nine modes of praying and a translation of Christina Ebner’s Revelations are forthcoming.

Title by Christina Ebner & Leonard P. Hindsley

  • The Sister-Book of Engelthal by Christina Ebner Leonard P. Hindsley

    by Christina Ebner, Leonard P. Hindsley

    In Leonard P. Hindsley’s translation of The Sister-Book of Engelthal by Christina Ebner, the Dominican nuns of Engelthal were lost in profound prayer while chanting the words of the prophet Isaiah, “I have loved you with an eternal love, therefore I have drawn you to me with my mercy.” Then they fell down unconscious and entered into the mystical realm.
    This event marked the beginning of their spiritual journey as a community and as individuals. The founding of the monastery and the tales of sisters, brothers, and priests were set down by the nun, Christina Ebner, so that others could learn of the wondrous action of God’s grace in the lives of ordinary people in the fourteenth century. This book presents the first text from the Sister-Book genre to be rendered into English.