Dr. Donna Chacko practiced radiation oncology and later family medicine. She and her first husband raised three daughters in Florida. After his death, she moved to Washington, DC, where she cared for the poor until 2013. Now retired, Donna lives in Maryland with her second husband and works in the ministry she founded, Serenity and Health.

Title by Donna Chacko, MD

  • by Donna Chacko, MD

    • Released: June 2021
    • Genre: Memoirs

    On the outside, it looked like Dr. Chacko had it all—a lucrative and rewarding career, beautiful family, comfortable home. But inside, Donna was in turmoil. Her marriage was on the brink, crises were brewing, and her home felt like her heart—about to break. In Pilgrimage, Donna lays bare her life as she digs into her upbringing, profession, relationships, life choices, and fears in a deeply personal journey toward healing and wholeness. Join her as she surrenders her control and discovers that serenity and health are most easily grasped when our hands and hearts are open to what God longs to give us.