Gary Whiteley has been a medical laboratory technician, truck driver, residential home builder, painter, commercial fisher, university residence hall director, and hockey coach. Gary has also been an educator for forty-two years. He served in roles at the school level and district level, including classroom teacher, assistant principal, school principal, and assistant superintendent. Gary earned a doctorate in educational leadership at the University of Maine. He developed and facilitated mentoring programs that served school principals and superintendents for the Alaska Department of Education and Early Development. Gary designed and implemented two statewide leadership programs in Idaho for school principals. He was a leadership consultant for the Education Commission of the States for five years. Gary resides in Alaska—the Great Land—where the impact of global climate change is unavoidable.

Title by Gary Whiteley

  • by Gary Whiteley

    Sailing Toward Horizon: A Leadership Voyage of Discovery takes place on the inland waters of Washington State and British Columbia. This book provides a rationale for why leadership needs to be different and examples of how to make it happen.

    The Great Man archetype is deeply embedded in our leadership DNA and is the default model for many organizations. This outdated archetype will not work in a world affected by climate change when entire coastal communities will need to mobilize to survive the impact of rising sea levels.

    You are invited to join the voyage and discover new ways to lead and work with colleagues. Time is running out to proactively respond to the impact of global warming.