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Hunter Carter is a debut author from Springfield, Oregon. In his free time, he engages in his passion and his potential dream job, making YouTube videos. He works out every day for mental and physical health and is continuing his education in personal training and nutrition.

Title by Hunter Carter

  • The Mid-Life Crisis of a Nineteen-Year-Old by Hunter Carter

    by Hunter Carter

    Life can be fun and sometimes scary, but no matter who you are, there will come a time when it hits you hard and will bring you down with everything it has!

    Ever since he was a kid, Hunter Carter had always been outgoing. He was, and is, the kid that is always laughing. No one would have thought that he’d dealt with anxiety and depression from an early age.
    The Midlife Crisis of a Nineteen-Year-Old is a story about those big moments in life, the ones that make us feel like we’re on top of the world—and the ones where we feel like giving up because there isn’t a happy bone in our body and we don’t see the point in trying anymore. At times like that, we can get up and keep going or have a mid-life crisis at nineteen like Hunter did.
    But guess what? Hunter is still here, chugging along, and there’s only one reason for that—LIFE! Life keeps going and, although it’s hard, it is such a beautiful thing with so many new opportunities. It’s worth it to keep going. Hunter wrote this for you, and you know who you are. He wants you to know he’s rooting for you!