A native of Portland, Oregon, J.C. Mitchell splits time between homes in Eugene, Oregon, and Leavenworth, Washington. A longtime journalist and public relations professional and journalism educator at the University of Oregon School of Journalism and Communication, Mitchell is a member of the College of Fellows of the Public Relations Society of America.


Titles by J.C. Mitchell

  • Adventures in Shangri-La

    Released: October 2022

    Genre: Memoirs

    Like two magnets drawn together with inexorable force, Kerry and Joe are also polar opposites. Kerry, of Scandinavian descent, is a country boy from the wilds of North Dakota. Joe, the product of an urban jungle, is Italian-American. In Wilderness Strangers: Adventures in Shangri-La, these two unlikely friends become kindred spirits, alter egos, and soul mates. Yet, much like the poles of a magnet, one is drawn to the yin and the other to the yang in life. In spite of their differences, their abiding friendship, fascination for adventure, and obsession with literature and the arts will become their legacy.

  • The Seasoning of Birdie McInnes

    Released: October 2021

    Genre: Memoirs

    Life as Paradox

    Poor Birdie. After a rough start at birth, life was idyllic for his first half-decade. Then Birdie’s situation changed. His family moved to a new home, and he enrolled at Our Lady of Perpetual Sorrow, a Catholic school in Portland, Oregon. Birdie would come to learn the yin and yang of life, the pendulum between the poles of providence and misfortune. Birdie would realize that life was a paradox and that his destiny would be determined by his own reckoning, for better or worse.