Jace Pike is an Oregon native and a lover of all things scary. He spends most of his time exploring, hiking, and traveling with his partner, Audrey. He is a real estate agent by trade, but during the Halloween season, he also works at a haunted carnival attraction where he performs fire-breathing stunts. This book was a bucket list item for Jace, and he hopes you enjoy this fast-paced, short horror story as much as he enjoyed writing it.

Title by Jace Pike

  • Enmity Pond by author Jace Pike

    by Jace Pike

    • Released: February 2024
    • Genre: Novels

    Aquae mortem lapis malum. What is entombed deep within Enmity Pond? Something that has captured the lives of many who dare to speak the chant into its mysterious and deadly waters. And for a group of college friends, it’s the twisted thrill ride they will regret they ever resurrected. They must piece together the answers they desperately need in time to save their lives or the evil that resides in Enmity Pond will snatch their souls before they even know they are in danger. Remember…“Casting our stones will be our dismay, for up from the waters, come demons to play.”