James Wright is a commercial roofing estimator who has managed to survive and even succeed in this industry for several decades. He has also served as project manager, purchasing agent, and contract administrator. He lives in Virginia with his wife and their cat and enjoys taking weekend road trips and playing guitar.

Title by James Wright

  • by James Wright

    Who knew commercial roof estimating could be so hazardous?

    Are you spending more of your time putting out fires than winning bids? Are your projects bleeding money in ways you never expected? Do you sometimes feel that you are at the mercy of forces beyond your control?

    Within the pages of The Commercial Roofing Estimator’s Survival Guide, you will discover a powerful, methodical, and proven system to prevent problems from flourishing and multiplying.

    In this unique guide you learn how to:

    • Create and nurture a nearly indestructible chain of accountability that will shield and protect your projects.
    • Recognize destructive information voids when they occur, eliminate them, and increase profits.
    • Stay on the winning side of any zero sum transaction.

    Leave the chaos behind and make a fresh start with The Commercial Roofing Estimator’s Survival Guide.