John Milbert is a native Oregonian who has taken the road less traveled throughout his life. He nearly always avoids the most popular option. He has been described as a polychotomous Gemini who has held more than 70 distinctly different jobs. He owns a TV which he hasn’t watched in more than a year. He lives in LaGrande, Oregon, where he is currently working on a second book.

Title by John B. Milbert

  • by John B. Milbert

    Meatquake and Big Ernie by John B. Milbert is an eclectic compilation of stories that cover a span of more than seventy years in settings ranging from the Oregon outdoors to urban environments. These anecdotal vignettes are shared in the fashion of yarns told around a fire to a small group of friends in a way to make the author’s mom proud—or, at least, wouldn’t inspire her to wash his mouth out with soap. Find out what it’s like to be bitten by a rattlesnake, outrun a derailing freight train, climb into a Golden eagle’s nest, and more!

    Pull up a chair and hear a few tales of amazing adventures, witness myriad unique wonders, and you just may find out what the peculiar title means too.