John Frohnmayer Author

John Frohnmayer holds academic degrees in American history, ethics and law from Stanford, Chicago and Oregon. He was Chairman of the National Endowment for the Arts during the first Bush Administration. A frequent commentator in print and on radio, he is a competitive rower, avid skier, and worried citizen. He lives in Albany, Oregon.

Titles by John Frohnmayer

  • Genre: Novels

    Lara Cole finds herself in possession of the world’s most famous, most holy and most valuable religious icon. But is it real? And, when both Russia and Ukraine are willing to kill for it, could it cost her her life?

  • Genre: Nonfiction

    Poetry comes as close as language can to capturing that out-of-body lightness of swishing through the trees, of jumping off a cornice, of floating through the bottomless powder. This book is about joy and loss. It is about danger and consciousness. It is provocative, full of wit and insight, and helps us meet the challenges of self-discovery. Peak experiences give us a glimpse of a world beyond what our senses report. It is a world we can feel but not articulate; know but not describe. In the poet’s words, the sight is within us—speak and it is gone. The bliss of memory persuades us it is real.

  • Genre: Nonfiction