Joseph Niland was employed by the federal government in an investigative capacity for approximately twenty-seven years. He was detailed to the FBI, Counter-terrorism Division, Washington, DC, and was recognized as a subject-matter expert regarding hostage events in high-risk environments. While stationed in Iraq for numerous periods between 2006 to 2011, he was intermittently embedded with US Special Operations Forces (Green Berets) and conducted on-the-ground integrated operational human intelligence and signal intelligence development regarding hostage events. Under the umbrella of the FBI, he was utilized for operational development, coordination, and continuity regarding numerous hostage and murder events over a six-year span.
Just Kill the Hostages is his first book of fiction and is based on his experiences.

Title by Joseph M. Niland

  • by Joseph M. Niland

    • Released: February 2023
    • Genre: Novels

    Everybody likes a celebratory parade. Nobody likes a funeral procession.

    John McNeil is thrust into untenable circumstances and tasked with making life-and-death decisions when he is reassigned from Baghdad to a British base in Basra. He is embedded with American Green Berets and is forced to evolve and adapt or be doomed to continue futile, daily reinvention of the wheel.

    He finds that hunting for hostages and their kidnappers in a war zone is multifaceted and complex and that “ground-truth” realities and complicated operational nuances are easily lost.

    Just Kill the Hostages is a fictionalized account of a world known only to insiders with raised-level government clearance. The characters are based on real-world operators in dangerous environments; and the unpolished realities of how government work gets done in a war zone form a story you won’t soon forget.