Joseph Barry entered the Marine Corps in 1955 and served in Okinawa and Japan. While he served abroad, the era of rock and roll and hippie culture captured his generation. After attempting to reintegrate, he returned to the Orient as a student, writer, and wanderer. During the Vietnam War, he worked as a security supervisor in the Pacific Islands. When peace returned, he enrolled at American University in Mexico, from which he graduated cum laude. After retiring from U.S. Customs, he now lives and writes in San Antonio, Texas.

Title by Joseph R. Barry

  • by Joseph R. Barry

    The year is 1900, and the place is rural Sicily. When a rejected and abandoned orphan escapes from slavery and abuse, he encounters an unexpected and unfamiliar wide world. Despite having developed herculean size and strength from years of grueling labor, Malino’s journey to find a place in society is terrifying and often brutal.