It is a personal perspective as to when life really takes off. Mine was the first day employed by Yosemite Park and Curry Company when I met Steve while eating lunch with a group of very new acquaintances. He asked if he could take me to dinner. It was quite a surprise that evening opening my door to find a Park Ranger standing on the other side. It took a couple blinks to realize he was the same man I’d met at lunch, and very handsome in uniform. We were married the next year.

Living in far-flung ranger stations from Alaska to Florida, Washington, DC to California was one of the perks of our marriage, but often it left me with time on my hands. So, I started putting the stories that chased around in my head to paper. I have been writing ever since.

I am not such just when I started telling stores. Once, cleaning out closets for my mother, I discovered newspapers from the day the United States entered WWII and the day FDR died, a copy of the Constitution, and stacks of children’s drawings. Under it all was a sheaf of paper with scribbles on bother sides. I asked Mother why she was saving that particular stack of paper. She said I had told her it was my first novel. I had not yet turned three. Over the years growing up in a crowded family, laying in sleeping bags under the stars next to siblings and cousins at my parents off the grid, high-desert cabin, I was the evening entertainment.

When we, Steve and I retired from the National Park Service to Oregon, I took the next fledgling writer’s step and joined a writers’ organization (Willamette Writers) that led to getting on the internet ( to showcase my writing. That was fulfilling for a while, but I wanted to broaden my audience outside my family and associates. I had a writer friend who in his off-handed way introduced me to Luminare Press and away I went. It has been a successful venture thanks to the knowledgeable staff at Luminare. I hope you will pick up one of my books, and even more that you enjoy reading it.

Titles by Judy Hurd

  • Backwater by Judy Hurd

    by Judy Hurd

    • Released: January 2024
    • Genre: Novels

    Abigail Lorraine was raised in the Louisiana Bayou region under the strict tutelage of her abusive grandfather. Grandpapa killed members of Louisiana’s judicial system at the bidding of someone Abby calls “Mentor.”
    Abby does not understand the hold Mentor has on her family, but she cannot escape the ghostly influence of Grandpapa’s legacy of rules he left behind—or why he trained her to kill as he had killed. Her sanity depends on knowing the way and her resolve is influenced by Jonah Macgregor, the cop she holds captive.

  • by Judy Hurd

    • Released: August 2022
    • Genre: Novels

    In Duke Hamlyn’s Murder, Elerren Demesne’s army has aligned to invade Syharrill Demesne, as King Lynton is running short of patience to know his brother Prince Edwarren’s fate.

    Syharrill’s queen, Mariona, is desperate to avoid war. She sends Lady Keial to extricate Edwarren from Hallberk Castle’s dungeon where Edwarren has been held for four months, accused of the murder of Duke Hamlyn. Lady Keial finds herself on the run with a very ill Edwarren.

  • by Judy Hurd

    • Released: May 2021
    • Genre: Novels

    On a rainy hiking weekend with friends in the Great Smoky Mountains, Eva Thom stepped into an alternate reality.
    Searching for her companions, she hid from two men in medieval garb hunting another man. When one hunter discovered her refuge and forced his way into it, Eva heard rumbling from deep in a throat. Daring a look back and down, she saw a sharp black face, chin flat to the earth, ears laid back, hot amber eyes that could turn the rain to steam. Black lips curled to reveal wet pink gums and sharp white teeth. Incredulous as it was, within the wolf, like a shadow under its dark, bloodied fur, she saw a man and knew what she was seeing was truth, a Daoine Sídhe.

  • by Judy Hurd

    Standing at the graveside, Meg Taylor promised her husband’s ghost she would continue on to Santa Fe with the wagon train. But fate had other aspirations for Meg when she crossed paths with the Arapaho-raised Army scout Tem Overmyer and became entangled in the revenge plotted against him by the Comanche war chief Naconah.