As an entrepreneur overseeing environmental projects for over twenty years, Kathleen Dallaire worked with geologists, environmental engineers, and other specialists to investigate contaminated sites, conduct regulatory compliance on behalf of business clients, and produce data for U.S. EPA brownfield assessment grants. Kathleen earned a doctorate in Environmental Health Science and Policy from the School of Social Ecology at the University of California at Irvine (UCI). Her dissertation focused on the effectiveness of policy to clarify and reduce liability associated with cleaning and revitalizing contaminated sites. As a guest lecturer at UCI for over five years, Kathleen developed new courses that incorporated real case studies to educate students on the often-conflicting scientific, economic, legal, political, and social issues relating to environmental problems. Finally, she is a promoter and past member of a Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) under FEMA, a volunteer program for local disaster response.

Title by Kathleen L. Dallaire, Ph.D.

  • by Kathleen L. Dallaire, Ph.D.

    In this era of polarization, the existing divide between environmental concerns and economic growth offers no exception to the polarity we face elsewhere. Many of today’s environmental problems are manageable and even solvable, but the conflicts remain difficult to resolve when viewed through unyielding differing perspectives.

    In Turning it Around, A Renewed Environmental Model of Health and Prosperity, author Kathleen L. Dallaire, Ph.D. promotes a renewed environmental model of healthy conditions and prosperity as a common goal—one that works well in the communities in which we play a part and have a voice.

    The pollution-related environmental story is told from a balanced non-accusatory perspective, using neutral language, focusing on current facts and case studies, and emphasizing strategies for resolving conflicts. An overview of basic legal rights and a community questionnaire are offered to facilitate effective public participation. We are called upon to be watchful, informed, and involved citizens to achieve a common goal of healthy and prosperous communities.