L. A. De Vittori was born in Italy in a multicultural family that exposed her to various languages and customs. At the age of seven, she found out that she had dyslexia. Although she was very bright, she struggled to achieve the same results as her classmates. She always persisted in her endeavors to achieve academic excellence and lived by the words “the gift of dyslexia,” being cognizant that no matter what we are faced with, we always have the strength and means within ourselves to overcome all challenges.
After moving to Canada at age nine, she learned English, flourished as a direct result of the teaching methods in the Great White North, and became an A student. As her mastery of the English language grew, she read books of diverse genres and developed her passion for the arts and books. At sixteen, she wrote her first novel, The Coast of Change: An Uplifting Journey through the Time Loop. Starting with a beautiful film in her head that she could not pause, she succeeded in putting the story on paper. The novel is an uplifting story of family values, empowering discovery, and coming of age, and it is seasoned with abundant humor throughout.
In addition to her love for writing, she is a passionate and talented dancer, training to become a professional dancer. In her free time, she likes to spend time with her family and her furry friends.

Title by L. A. De Vittori

  • by L. A. De Vittori

    When two teenage twin brothers, Amarant and Nevin, witness a pair of beautiful water nymphs emerging out of the Atlantic Ocean, their lives change in an unpredictable way.

    Before the boys fully grasp what is happening, the water nymphs, Aurelia and Nymphol, have swept them along on an uplifting journey to raise the world out of the time loop it has been trapped in, where the same year has been repeating with no end on the horizon.

    Amarant and Nevin find themselves in a world where magic exists, and with the help of Aurelia and Nymphol, they discover their own powers and destiny. The girls patiently wait for the boys to catch up with the fact that they are supposed to be in love with them—but will they be able to break the time loop that threatens to hold the world forever in its grasp?