L. Wade Powers has published books and articles in the fields of medical technology, ecology, marine biology, and animal behavior under the name Lawrence W. Powers, PhD. He authored a critique of The Winter of Our Discontent for The Steinbeck Review and several articles for the Oregon Encyclopedia Online. He is a contributing editor for the Journal of the Shaw Historical Library and served as creative nonfiction editor for Timberline Review for two years.

As L. Wade Powers, he has published three novels, The Home (2017), The Party House (2019), and New Albion Sunset (2020). He has two collections of short stories: Falling in Love and Other Misadventures (2019) and Confronting the Boundaries (2020). A revised edition of The Home was published by Luminare Press in November 2019. New Albion Sunset, his first historical fiction, is based on fifteen years of research on Francis Drake and his 1579 visit to the West Coast of North America. He is currently at work on a fourth novel, set in California, planned for release in 2021. A retired professor of natural sciences, Larry lives in Eastern Oregon with his wife, Alla, with the gracious permission of their cat, Mollie. He is a member of the Northwest Association Independent Writers Association (NIWA) and Willamette Writers. For further information about the author his works, and comments on other writers and books, please visit lwadepowers.com.

Titles by L. Wade Powers

I started reading at five. I love all forms and genres of literature and devour books with relish and, sometimes, mustard. I especially enjoy coming-of-age stories, whether for younger or older adults, and works that bend the boundaries between reality and fantasy, such as tales surrounding lucid dreams. Among my favorite authors are John Steinbeck, Margaret Atwood, Annie Proulx, Ray Bradbury, Karen Russell, and David Mitchell. Of course, there are so many others. Telling stories is pure pleasure but telling them well is work. I hope to continue working for many years to come, spinning the webs, dreaming the fantasies, searching for the right words to illuminate the characters and events of my imagination. Thank you for considering my work.

  • A Tale of Treasure and Treachery

    Released: October 2021

    Genre: Novels

    In 1957, a long-buried cache of miner’s gold (doré) bars are found and hidden by a few people in the high desert town of Sagebrush. It is illegal to possess gold bullion and the small group, many of them enthusiastic poker players at the local hotel, attempt to dispose of the trove via shady contacts. They form a tontine, a survivorship agreement over the next twenty years to share the assets. In 1977, the gold bullion, now legal, is worth millions of dollars.
    A dead pool is a list of people expected to fail or die. There is no clear distinction between it and a tontine if any participants have bad intentions.

  • Genre: Novels

    In 1579, Francis Drake anchors in the Pacific Northwest after raiding the New World Spanish empire. He leaves a ship, twenty men, and a fortune in silver when he crosses the Pacific to complete his voyage around the world. The fate of the men, defenders of the New Albion claim for England, are missing from historic accounts.After attacks by natives and a shipwreck, the survivors seek the help of friendly tribes to survive and wait for a promised return by Drake to fortify the fledgling colony. External threats abound, as do internal dissensions over religion, leadership, and attempts to reunite with Drake and the Golden Hinde. Based on years of research, this novel is set in British Colombia, Washington, and Oregon, providing an alternative interpretation of the traditional history.

  • Genre: Novels

    Everyday life is full of challenges. Meet Starlight Bernie, an old man alone on a train; Fig Newton, a boy with a peculiar hobby; the Pizza Kid and his dog Rainbow, struggling to forget; the woman in the shroud; a professor who investigates a futuristic love store; a man who wants to end the world as we know it; and many more. Included in these twenty stories, four poems, and three photo-essays are problems with family relationships, trials in dating and mating rituals, the perils of growing up, observations on social communication and miscommunication, and overcoming inevitable tragedies. And beyond the real, the ordinary and expected? There are places and times where the boundaries shift and limits are less well defined. For more information visit www.lwadepowers.com

  • Genre: Memoirs

  • Genre: Novels

  • Genre: Novels

    Life consists of adventures, big and small. Love and satisfaction don’t always come easy, as these tales of ordinary people, and a few not so ordinary, attest. Real life, a bit of fantasy, love gone bad, the thrill of adventure gone astray, the mysteries of lucid dreams—they are all present and accounted for in these twenty-two stories. Spin the wheel, take a chance.