Lawrence Erickson is a native of Kansas City, Missouri. He is a graduate of Central Missouri State College and served in the US Army. He has lived in Europe, The Middle East, Asia, and Australia. After spending over forty years in the construction and nuclear power industries, he retired to the Pacific Northwest. Lawrence and his wife Kate currently live in (and love) Portland, Oregon.

Titles by Lawrence W. Erickson

  • A Novel of Provincetown

    Released: September 2023

    Genre: Novels

    The year is 1969 and the American War in Vietnam has unleashed it’s horrors on the world. A French family is massacred in the Vietnamese jungle, and a treasure of unbelievable monetary and spiritual value vanishes.

    Soon after, the impact of the events in Vietnam are felt on the other side of the globe when a thief, an adulteress, a kidnapper, and a murderer find themselves on a collision course. The point of impact is Cape Cod, the Outer Cape of Edward Hopper, Eugene O’Neil, and Norman Mailer, where a tragedy framed in “Cape light” plays out on the wind-swept beaches.

  • Released: June 2022

    Genre: Novels

    Predators are turning one of Portland’s guilty pleasures into a nightmare.

    Adult entertainers from one of the City of Roses’ less-than-reputable strip clubs, the Sweet Mackerel, have gone missing. The club’s owner and his financial partner, a Russian criminal, turn to private investigator Nate Harver for help.

    Harver discovers the disappearances are not limited to the Sweet Mackerel. Women and men involved in the business have been vanishing for decades. As the detective uncovers grisly fragments of the truth, he finds himself and his loved ones targeted by the murderers and his moral code begins to crumble. Struggling to bring an end to the chaos, Harver turns to some unlikely sources for help.