Lee Boutell Author

Lee quit college at twenty-one years old to open a natural foods restaurant and a honey-sweetened ice cream business on a shoestring. Through hard work and persistence, he and kindred spirits ran the restaurant and center for activism as a profit-sharing collective in Eugene, Oregon. Lee now is married with two adult daughters and has a quiet life in Eugene as a gardener, craftsman, artist, and writer. Lee enjoys music and exploring the natural world.

Title by Lee Boutell

  • We Can Change the World, An Intimate Journey Through the Early 1970s by Lee Boutell

    by Lee Boutell

    • Released: March 2024
    • Genre: Memoirs

    In the early 1970s, with the raging Vietnam War, oppression of civil and human rights, and the environment under relentless destruction, young people of America wanted major change—and they got to work. This is the true story of a group of independent, free-spirited youth who rebelled against the system and built a new way to live, creating community and celebrating life while supporting themselves in unique and unconventional ways. They risked breaking the rules to achieve their dreams, even under threat of imprisonment or death on the stormy seas. They changed the world and had an unforgettable time doing it during those tumultuous, revolutionary days when everything changed.