Lori Bennett has been a clinician in private practice for forty-five years. Her expertise is in the areas of bereavement and post-traumatic stress disorder. Throughout her career, she has worked primarily with women with histories of abuse, trauma, and neglect. Her nonfiction book, Dynamic Psychotherapy with Adult Survivors: Living Past Neglect, was published in 2012. This is Ms. Bennett’s first work of fiction. Ms. Bennett currently maintains a small private practice. She lives with her husband, Larry, and their eighteen-year-old cat, Motor, near Sedona, Arizona.

Title by Lori Bennett

  • by Lori Bennett

    • Released: November 2023
    • Genre: Novels

    Mother Load is the story of Pamela, a young woman who suffered emotional neglect in her relationship with her adoptive mother. Her therapist, Lily, supports Pamela as she works to overcome the aftereffects of her upbringing. Pamela eventually finds love—with the help of her long-lost family.

    Pamela and Lily’s lives become entwined in ways neither could have ever foreseen. Their separate journeys transform through their work together.