Jenna Tucker has worked as a certified nursing assistant for five years in an assisted living and memory care facility. She has first-hand experience working with people with dementia to determine how best to comfortably meet their needs.
Niki Tucker is a certified care manager and licensed social worker. She is co-owner of a senior care agency where she has worked since 2011. She works with seniors with dementia, vulnerable adults, and other health care concerns, ensuring that they are provided with appropriate care.

Title by Niki Tucker & Jenna Tucker

  • by Niki Tucker & Jenna Tucker

    Things to Remember Before I Forget is a journal for people on the path of aging who seek a more comfortable, happy life. By identifying options that reflect your individual desires, this book empowers you to create a plan of care on your own terms.

    If you or a loved one are dealing with a diagnosis of dementia, this journal also offers prompts to record the things that are most important to you, along with your preferences for care, so there will be no need for guesswork when it is time for the family or a care partner to assist you.

    Written by Niki and Jenna Tucker, a mother and daughter team with more than twenty-three combined years of experience working in the field of senior care and memory care, Things to Remember Before I Forget is a thoughtful companion to help you achieve the best quality of living in the later stages of life.