Nuremberg Sant’Anna is the founder and CEO of the Brazilian Cultural Center of Hawaii (BCCHI). He played an important role in the Brazilian and Hawaiian communities as well as numerous projects. These include a TV program called “The Brazilian Update” (about Brazilian culture), a Portuguese language course for children and adults called Power With Aloha (POWA) at the University of Hawaii, a website of subjects important to the local communities (, a Brazilian-style soccer academy, and the Tropikalia Samba Show. He also provided support for local capoeira and Brazilian jiu-jitsu schools. The author is currently living in Las Vegas, Nevada, battling for his life with an intensive treatment for cancer metastasis in the middle of a worldwide historic pandemic, COVID-19.

Title by Nuremberg Sant’Anna

  • by Nuremberg Sant'Anna

    I didn’t want to write this book because, in my opinion, people would not believe my story. After all, I hitchhiked the world without money, visited thirty-five countries, lived on three continents as an immigrant, survived and overcame challenges such as famine, earthquakes and catastrophic hurricanes, shipwreck, an air accident, a motorcycle accident, kidnapping, poison, stabbing, discrimination, racism, prison, depression, panic attacks, a heart attack, and being lost in the Amazon jungle. I even survived super-aggressive cancer and COVID-19. I’m here, still alive to tell this story…