Pam Landen is the author of the highly-rated contemporary romance/women’s fiction, If You Find Me Worthy. The novel is loosely based on her personal life experience as a systems engineer of a global technology company with clients in the finance and aviation industries. Pam went on to own a small business in the financial sector and has recently retired to dedicate her time to writing, travel, and golf. She is married, has two incredible adult sons, and resides with her loving husband, Charlie, in the Desert Southwest.

Title by Pam Landen

  • by Pam Landen

    • Released: September 2023
    • Genre: Novels

    Kate Baker is Distrustful of Men, and for Good Reason.

    As the formidable CEO of Baker Jets, she’s attained incredible success, yet never received the credit she deserved from her competitors in a male dominated industry—even after she sold the business for millions.

    Kate is determined not to let that stand in the way of her new venture. A passionate advocate for underserved female entrepreneurs, Kate negotiates her consulting services in exchange for research into biased lending practices at North American Bank, where the handsome and flirtatious CEO, Curtis Michaels, runs the show. However, she finds herself in a precarious situation when Michaels becomes interested in more than just her professional expertise—a lot more.

    Kate can think of dozens of reasons why having a romantic relationship with the CEO is a bad idea, yet their attraction to one another is intense, raw, passionate, and undeniable. As obstacles surface to threaten their connection and her professional aspirations teeter on the brink of peril, she’s left to wonder whether love is worth the risk.

    If You Find Me Worthy is about letting go of the past, second chances at love, and the quest of a remarkable woman.