Rick Ley is an independent environmental consultant who works from his home office on the Allegheny River in Venango County, Pennsylvania. Rick has a Master of Environmental Science degree from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, and an undergraduate degree in geology from Waynesburg College, Pennsylvania. Rick enjoys hockey, fishing, and peaceful walks on the local rails-to-trail that follows the river. His writing interests span the horror, thriller, and action-adventure genres.
Components central to each of Rick’s writing projects include: engaging locations; in-depth descriptions of character’s thoughts; vivid depiction of external stimuli that influence a character’s actions and enhance a scene’s ambiance; and, where relevant, the inclusion of factual or historical information.

Titles by Rick Ley

  • by Rick Ley

    • Released: July 2022
    • Genre: Novels

    Jolie Rouge is the spellbinding historical-fiction prequel to Reckoning at Little Bear, intertwining the nefarious career of Bartholomew Roberts with a macabre yarn of terror and deceit that will leave you with second thoughts about venturing too far from shore.

    In 1721, Roberts was at the pinnacle of his career as a rogue captain aboard the Royal Fortune. His exploits confirmed his standing as the greatest marauder in the Golden Age of Piracy. Three centuries later, a group of college friends reunite for a week of treasure hunting in the southern Bahamas, where their path fortuitously crosses Roberts’s storied past. Danger befalls them when the friends are abducted at sea and entangled in a modern-day ring of international piracy from which there seems no escape.

  • by Rick Ley

    • Released: March 2021
    • Genre: Novels

    It started out as a walk in the woods: look for two gravesites and get out. Moments later, Michelle and Melanie are fighting for their lives on a desolate Colorado mountainside.

    Cryptic emails warned Michelle not to meddle in the past. Little did she know, when researching her latest book, that the Tarryall Mountain Foundation was a front for a ruthless international crime ring with ties to the Sacred Lands disaster that nearly claimed her life in 1988.

    Meanwhile in Charleston, South Carolina, Michelle’s husband, Nick, pursues an environmental litigation case, weighing the implications of disturbing field data that suggest a natural disaster is imminent. He’s soon forced to make his own escape from Tarryall’s clutches.

    In this thrilling sequel to Ghost Creek and continuation of Jolie Rouge, tension boils over when Michelle and Melanie make their stands, and Nick’s worst fear comes true.