I love to imagine strange things about the world that no one knows about. It’s fun to try to write stories about them. I have published two other novels, Portland’s Gold and The Tasmanian Problem.

Title by Robb Grover

  • by Robb Grover

    A mysterious discovery in a rare manuscript proves to be much more—a dangerous clue to an ancient and powerful secret society. During a routine research visit to an academic library, Assistant Professor Koichi Grant discovers a strange artifact left by an ancient writer. Other researchers he tells about his unusual find are murdered and his own life is endangered. The FBI and a hacker ring race to uncover the esoteric activities of the powerful secret society he has revealed. Koichi’s life is further complicated when he meets a beautiful, captivating student on campus, who is secretly a member of the society. Will Koichi unravel the mystery in time to save his own life?