Seth Bornstein has written plays, short stories and essays. Swimming to Jerusalem is his first novel. Born in Brooklyn, he attended Parsons School of Design and has had a career in urban economic development with positions in the public, private and academic sectors. He has competed in international winter swimming competitions around the globe and has world records for taking the longest time to swim the shortest distances in the coldest waters. He resides in New York City with his wife, Diane Loughran.

Title by Seth Bornstein

  • by Seth Bornstein

    • Released: May 2023
    • Genre: Novels
    Swimming to Jerusalem is the story of Bram Goodman; his family, friends, colleagues, and demons.

    Born in Paris, he spent his childhood in Israel and moved to Brooklyn as a teenager. When he flunks out of college, Bram returns to Israel in an effort to find a sense of purpose. He enlists in the Army with Yoni, his cousin and best friend. Their tour of duty is uneventful until, nearing the end of their service, they find themselves on the Lebanon frontier confronting the horrors of war. After his discharge, an aimless and disillusioned Bram makes his way to Paris. Busking on the Boulevard Saint-Germain, he meets Liz and follows her back to New York.

    Decades later, with a family and career, Bram uses his irreverent personality and sharp humor to mask the tragic events of his youth. When Theo, his youngest child, seeks to learn about his heritage, Bram begins to confront the past that he has attempted to keep at bay. It is a journey that will take him back, both emotionally and physically, to a place he thought he could leave behind.