Dr. Stephen Comer was born in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. After receiving degrees from Wake Forest and Duke Universities, he has held a variety of teaching positions, worked in healthcare, construction, law enforcement and journalism. In addition to his academic training he has studied martial arts, is a National Archery Association Certified Instructor, NRA Distinguished Expert with Handguns, and National Association of Underwater Instructors Certified Diver. He has lived and worked in North Carolina, New Mexico, Montana, Colorado and is now retired and living in Rifle, Colorado.

Title by Stephen Comer

  • 2032 by Stephen Comer

    by Stephen Comer

    It’s the year 2032. Orwell’s ominous forecasts regarding the dangers of big government and technology have become all too real. In the shadow of this frightening reality, FBI agent Martin Kessler races to solve a murder investigation rapidly expanding into a crisis that threatens all humanity. In just four days, events unfold that could change the world forever.