As a westerner who lived in China from 2008 till 2021, Steven Boergadine was fortunate to become a fixture in the Asian film and television industry because he could both act and write. His work in both spheres was vast, including a major role in a big-budget film based on the life of rocket scientist Qian Xuesen. Most of his credits found him acting and writing for major Chinese directors and actors such as Zhang Yimou (张艺谋), Tian Zhuangzhuang (田壮壮), Sun Li (孙俪), Sun Hong Lei (孙红雷), Liu Jialing (刘嘉玲), Chen Kun (陈坤), Zhou Xun (周迅), and Ding Hei (丁黑), This intimate work provided Steven with a unique perspective of American and Chinese friendships in the prestigious professional class and the working class where he lived, taught English, and sang with his band in hotels and clubs and for special events.

Titles by Steven Boergadine

  • by Steven Boergadine

    • Released: November 2023
    • Genre: Novels

    It’s 1984 and Father Sam isn’t living in McGuffin Ridge to evangelize, assimilate indigenous people, build a church, or lead Bible lessons—although he gets asked about the Bible pretty often. He’s not one for steeples and stained glass.

    Folks around this Appalachian village like Father Sam because he likes them. He’s just a good neighbor who wears a white collar and lives in a log cabin at the end of Main Street. He keeps bees, grows organic herbs, teaches Cherokee kids English, drinks coffee with the old sheriff, and favors the cherry pie at Mabelline’s Cafe.

    Then, one day, his age-old trespasses catch up with him, and he must break the laws of man and of God to right the wrong he ran away from in the crazed days of 1960 when he was a stumbling, addicted seminarian.

  • by Steven Boergadine

    • Released: January 2023
    • Genre: Novels

    Top amateur boxer Li Chong’s training regimen has been augmented with PEDs, but he doesn’t know it. Li Chong’s manager has been tinkering with his prized amateur’s DNA for years. His plan is for Li Chong to make them both famous when he wins the prestigious United States Boxing Finals and goes on to capture the World Championships in Moscow. Li Chong storms into the big tournament as a blistering force of nature, unstoppable, until he gets knocked cold by John Bagley in the championship bout and his chemicalized brain is damaged irreparably.

    John Bagley and Li Chong grew up together in San Francisco and together they had become two of the best amateurs in the country until gang life disrupted their lives four years prior to their deadly fight. Li Chong and John were known as the American Dream Brothers around the world. But after the United States Boxing Finals, boxing ended for them both and the American Dream Brothers were no more. John’s victory brought him a lifetime of despair. Thirty years later, they would both emerge from separate journeys of torment. They would grasp once again, if only for a moment, the brotherhood taken from them long ago.

    Brother is driven by the clash and alliance of multicultural characters and ultimately punctuated by the indestructible brotherhood of an American named John Bagley and a Chinese immigrant named Li Chong.


  • Dan Liberthson, PhD (English)

    “Father Sam is indeed a rare novel, one that meshes literary flair with ingenious plotting and a raft of uniquely original characters—some good, some half bad, and others outright evil, but all superbly believable. Its portrayal of country and small-town life and personalities evoked for me the work of Faulkner and Flannery O’Connor. With elements of mystery and crime fiction backed by brilliant writing, the book grabbed me by the scruff immediately and hauled me along for the duration, never letting up.”