Susan Kauer Ritchie was born and raised in Long Beach, California. She graduated in 1964 from Polytechnic High School in 1964. She has been a caregiver, a massage therapist, the owner of a flower shop and a house cleaning business. She has been lucky enough to travel the world with her late husband. Susan currently lives in Klamath Falls, Oregon with her three cats, Lenex, Silvie, and Lottie and enjoys working in her yard. She has written and illustrated two children’s books, Ebbe Finds His Heart and The Forest Where the Faeries Dwell. She has a son, Jason, and a daughter, Jenni; both live in Oregon.

Title by Susan Kauer Ritchie

  • by Susan Kauer Ritchie

    Every folklore has a beginning, a place where magic merges with imagination, where it weaves its web around our hearts and takes us on a journey that is part truth and part fable. Do you believe in trolls? Trolls have existed longer than we can imagine, in seven villages along a river that laughs white-water, and where each season dresses the realm in her colours. This is where we meet Ebbe, a young troll who embarks on adventures, faces obstacles and learns through life’s lessons to believe in himself.