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Sometimes the Holy Spirit uses the most unlikely people to glorify God the Father.

Susan-Louise Henning has a deep desire to point people to Jesus, the Son of God, for the forgiveness of sins and eternal life in Jesus’s name.

Susan-Louise is a wife, mother, granny, and small business owner with a huge heart full of love for Jesus.

Susan is committed to easily sharing the gospel of Jesus, while being true to God’s Word, so to be useful for the kingdom of heaven.

Title by Susan-Louise Henning

  • by Susan-Louise Henning

    Jesus, The Treasure of Heaven: A Devotional for Any Season, 15 Weeks of Morning and Evening
    210 People, Places, and Things in the Bible that all Link to Jesus
    All Scripture Quoted in Italics from the Holy Bible, King James Version (KJV)

    This clear and concise, morning and evening, daily devotional features 210 people, places, and things found in the Bible that reveal God the Father’s plan of grace and mercy in sending his Son, the Messiah, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, as he promised in his Word.

    Read the Bible with each devotion and pray for wisdom, understanding, peace, and discernment from the Holy Spirit regarding rebellion, repentance, and reconciliation.

    Jesus treasures you. Jesus lived righteously and died in your place. Jesus gives you eternal life by the free gift of faith in his name. Jesus is the treasure of heaven.