T. B. Stoner lives outside of St. Louis with her husband. After discovering the Little House books as a child, she fell in love with the romance of traveling through time and place in a good story. She believes storytelling can teach us truths that can change a moment or a lifetime. Her goal is to tell the truth of God in fiction, engaging the reader in life questions that challenge their thinking.

Titles by T.B. Stoner

  • by T. B. Stoner

    • Released: January 2023
    • Genre: Novels

    In this sequel to The Beating of Sarah Strong, familiar and new characters also reveal buried secrets of their own. Ben is a shooting star in his new position in New York City. He has a life most people would envy. But success is overshadowed by a threat that won’t go away and keeps him from the only woman he has ever loved.

    Confused by Ben’s silence, Ann tries to forget him and move on with someone from her past. Desperate and reckless without Ann, Ben goes on an impossible journey of revenge to settle a score that began years ago—not knowing that it will change his life forever.

  • by T.B. Stoner

    Who beat Sarah Strong? Ann Fletcher, drawn to solving the mystery, suspects Sarah’s handsome boss, Ben. Her search soon reveals more than she ever imagined—and in the end, she has more in common with Sarah Strong than she wanted. There was a smooth rock at Quigley’s feet, smooth and round like a baseball. With the light of the moon and a distant street lamp, he knew he could hit his target. He rarely missed. Caressing his weapon, remembering, knowing…When he drew his arm back and felt his bicep stretch, and strength travel from the crook of his neck through his shoulder to his elbow and then to his wrist, where the momentum collided with the movement of his fingertips, Quigley knew there was one thing he could do better than any man in Bingham. They knew it too. The rock left his hand. The man dropped the limp figure he roughly held, and stumbled, holding his head. Had Quigley been ten years younger, the villain would not be standing. The stranger drew a gun and pointed it in the direction he dropped the girl. Quigley knew he must do something.