Todd Slechta is a vocational “mutt,” having served as a pastor, Bible teacher, public school principal, health care executive and consultant, and providing successful leadership to organizations in the private, non-profit and public sectors in three countries on two continents. Chicago-born, Canadian-formed, Ecuador-influenced, Colorado-longing, husband and dad, Todd is a teacher, skier, public speaker, coffee enthusiast and soccer fanatic. He and his wife, Sheryl, live in Chicago where he serves as the president of a non-profit organization that advances initiatives that serve the vulnerable.

Title by Todd Slechta

  • by Todd Slechta

    To the person of faith who silently wonders if the Bible—the “Living Word”—may need CPR. To the quiet believer who feels confused or put off by the anger and vileness of the “Because the Bible says so” crowd yet feels drawn to the humane and merciful Jesus of scripture. To the tender-hearted who empathize with a God whose tears stain the scrolls. This book is for you. The best teachers and mentors in my life had an affinity for taking something familiar, lifting it up, and turning it ever so slightly so I could see from a fresh perspective – allowing new insight and meaning. I’d welcome the opportunity to choose some familiar passages of the Bible, lift them up, and turn them ever so slightly so you can see them from a fresh perspective. You’ll find that the “Living Word” is just fine—and just maybe, so are you.