by Brad Johns with Marianne Dougherty

  • Released: September 2023
  • Genre: Memoirs

Before Instagram or TikTok or Twitter, Brad Johns was one of the most famous hair colorists in the world with an opulent salon on Fifth Avenue in New York City. His clientele was a veritable “who’s who” of fabulous females, from beauty editors and celebrities to socialites and CEOs. Known for his buttery blondes and a groundbreaking technique called “chunking” that he created for model Christy Turlington, the poor kid from the projects in Pittsburgh was living the American Dream.

As sparkling as his success was, Johns was also struggling with crippling depression and suicidal ideation that had begun in childhood. Growing up, music and his grandmother’s unconditional love had sustained him. Later he used drugs to keep the demons at bay. Then came an astonishing revelation that sparked a spiritual journey from darkness into light.