by Owen Loof

  • Released: November 2023
  • Genre: Memoirs
Owen Loof—a.k.a. The Best Dressed Man in Rockaway—is known for his show-stopping attire, vibrant personality, and suave dancing with the ladies. When out on the town, his drive is to always make people smile and spread his zeal for life.

However, the larger-than-life persona that the Best Dressed Man is known for was a long time in the making. In his first book, The Brooklyn Prep Years, readers discovered how the extremely extroverted personality was formed, but there was another important component in the evolution of The Best Dressed Man. It was his affairs of the heart that advanced him in his journey along the pothole-filled road of amour and brought experiences that would strengthen the foundation needed to reach ultimate personality fulfillment.

In this laughed-filled, teary-eyed escapade, follow Owen in his early romantic adventures with girlfriends, women who wanted to be girlfriends, one woman who was always on the periphery of his relationships, and finally, the woman he married who saved his life. So buckle up for the rollercoaster ride of happiness, heartache, and laughter that is the trademark of all great love stories.