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Browse the table below to learn about our standard packages as well as additional services we offer. If you want to create a custom estimate for your book, or if you are ready to begin publication, use our:

Standard formatting
Non standard formatting

Standard package (details)$1,549$1,999$1,199$999
Custom, professionally designed book cover and interior formatting, set up for print-on-demand sales • ISBN and bar code • registration with Library of Congress • availability on all major online retailers & 25,000 retail locations • registration with Bowker's Books in Print • a physical proof for your review before publication • advice on the best ways to market your book • five complimentary copies of the book on publication. Review the complete details
Maximum images (details)5205no limit
The maximum number of images allowed in each type of standard publishing package. This includes any combination of charts, graphs, maps, photographs and illustrations, for instance.
Cost per additional images$10/ea$10/ea$10/ean/a
Additional layout services
Index (details)$200
Luminare will create an index of up to 200 terms provided by the author.
Footnotes or endnotes (details)$200
Luminare will include footnotes and endnotes as specified by the author.
Additional distribution (details)$100
Some authors prefer to use an additional distribution service to offer a more favorable pricing to bookstores. Luminare is happy to discuss this option to determine if it is the right move for you.
Each 10,000 words exceeding 90,000$100
Add a hardcover version (details)$300
Luminare will create a hardcover version of your book with a dust jacket and separate ISBN, and set up distribution as needed.
Additional editing services (editing calculator)
Copy editing (details)1.5 cents/word
Editing for grammar, spelling, punctuation and more. Read more about editing options.
Copy editing & proofreading (details)2 cents/word
Copy editing plus an additional reading of the typeset proof as a final check before publication. Read more about editing options.
Line editing (details)3.5 cents/word
Includes copy editing as well as a more substantial examination of the manuscript. Read more about editing options.
Additional promotional packages
Deluxe Promotional Package (details)$840
Includes business card, bookmark, 5x7 postcard mailer, 8.5" x 11" flyer, 11"x17" poster, one sheet, Facebook banner, Facebook announcement (JPG), email announcement (PDF)
Print promotional package (details)$640
Includes business card, bookmark, 5x7 postcard mailer, 8.5" x 11" flyer, 11"x17" poster, one sheet
Social media promotional package (details)$360
Includes one sheet, Facebook banner, Facebook announcement (JPG), email announcement (PDF)
Author website (details)$500
Luminare will create a unique website for you so customers can easily find your book. More
NEW! Author Assistant Services (details)$60/hour
In addition to promotional items, we offer a range of book marketing services, including Amazon Author Page set-up; Goodreads author page set-up; advance copy PDFs, ebooks, or cover jpgs for pre-sales; create print ads; create social media posting templates. More
A la carte promotional items
Business card$75
5x7 postcard mailer$75
8.5" x 11" flyer$135
11"x17" poster$145
Facebook banner$75
Facebook announcement (JPG)$50
Email announcement (PDF)$75