Essentials Design Pack

From $1,497

Get all you need to publish your book professionally including an eye-catching book cover, interior files for your print and e-book with ready-to-upload files, ISBN for each edition, and a step-by-step class that teaches you how to self-publish your book professionally.
Only books with standard layout are suitable for this service.

Full book cover
Front, back, and spine for print and e-book
1 × Cover design - Paperback & e-book
Interior layout and formatting
Includes formatting and typesetting up to 70,000 words. Standard layout only.
1 × Interior formatting - E-book and Print
We'll provide two ISBNs for your print and ebook edition (an extra $50 discount will be applied in the cart)
2 × ISBN
Essentials Publishing Class
Everything you need to know about self-publishing, in a step-by-step class.
1 × Essentials Pack Publishing Class
Do you need editing for your manuscript? Choose the type of editing you need and add the word-count in the quantity field. (E.g. Qty: 62500)
Back Cover Text and Author Bio Review
One of our professional editors will review and edit your back cover text and author bio.

How it works

When you choose our Essentials design pack, we’ll send you a link to our intake questionnaires, which guide us as we design your cover and interior. You’ll also gain immediate access to our self-publishing class that guides you through the necessary steps to professionally publish your book.

Be prepared to supply the following: cover text (title, author, book description, author bio), your cover image*, an author image (if you are using one), book trim size, retail price, approximate page count, and color preferences. Also, you’ll need to upload your manuscript in one single file.

We’ll match the cover to your book themes, and send you a file for review. We allow up to three rounds of changes, during which you can edit text, ask for color revisions, or make other minor adjustments.

Only books that have consistent text flow, uninterrupted by images, charts, worksheets, lists, subheads, quotes, and/or other unusual text are considered a standard layout. This includes most novels and memoirs. Quotes or datelines at the beginning of chapters, scene breaks, use of italics, and section pages are allowed in the standard layout.

Luminare Press print pack includes full book cover and interior PDF files, both ready to upload to any POD printer, including KPD and IngramSpark.