Brent Crandal, PhD is an author, family psychologist, and researcher. At his very first job he was swinging around the ropes course of a definitely bonkers summer camp with absolutely silly campers and counselors. Now, he plays and works and lives in San Diego, constantly reading with his family, and sometimes geeking out at Comic-Con.

Title by Brent Crandal

  • by Brent Crandal

    Maybe you’ve heard of arthritis, gingivitis, or elephantiasis, but I’d bet you’ve never heard of OPPOSITITIS

    In OPPOSITITIS: A Ridiculous Family Love Story, one dad does things very differently from other parents; he does everything opposite. He serves breakfast for dinner every night, wears tuxedos in the pool, and calls pets with a banana phone—until his daughter gets to know someone special who changes things for their family.