Cedric B. Johnson, PhD, was an ordained pastor, seminary professor, Christian book author, radio talk show host, and clinical psychologist. In the second half of his life, he was an executive consultant specializing in leadership development. His books include The Psychology of Biblical Interpretation. He is now retired and lives with his wife, Kris, in a rock canyon along a river in northern New Mexico.

Title by Cedric Johnson, PhD

  • by Cedric Johnson, PhD

    What happens when a devoted Evangelical Christian—an ordained pastor, seminary professor, and Christian radio talk show host—begins to doubt his beliefs? Psychologist Cedric Johnson found out when he asked the wrong questions of the Evangelical hierarchy and suffered a backlash that included rejection, marginalization, and exile. He sought a direct experience of the Divine. Instead, he got a directive: Conform or get out.

    Turning to the “eye of the heart,” Cedric opened himself to the Divine spark within and never looked back. Engaging in silent contemplation and dreamwork, immersing himself in music and nature, surrendering control, and resting in not knowing, he discovered a heart-based spirituality based on universal truths (love, oneness) and faith instead of dogma and division.

    In his memoir, Cedric Johnson offers himself as living proof that we can lose our religion without losing our faith. As he aligned with the unifying Presence, he recovered from toxic religion and returned home to a life of meaning and purpose. And so can you.