Celeste Ortega was born and raised in Colorado. She loves dance, movement, and creating art. She is a preschool teacher and an artist and genuinely enjoys working with children, to which she brings her background in dance and art along with an MA in education. She has spent many years facilitating creative arts groups and has instructed yoga for several years as well. She has been very influenced by and is incredibly grateful to her mom, friends, and family, who all have shaped her worldview. She spends a lot of time with her dog and loves animals and the mountains.

Title by Celeste D. Ortega

  • by Celeste D. Ortega

    Senseless Acts of Beauty offers an organized and thoughtful approach to sharing the joy, play, and health of yoga with children. Step-by-step instruction for basic poses and beautiful illustrations provide guidance for children, families, and those who would like to incorporate children’s yoga into their instruction.