Danuta Pfeiffer is a progressive journalist, best known for her work in radio and television in San Diego, and as her award-winning memoir, Chiseled, explains, as co-host of The 700 Club with evangelist, Pat Robertson, during his campaign for president. Today, Danuta and her husband Robin can be found tending to their 70-acre vineyard, making fine wine, and sharing it with friends in their tasting room at Pfeiffer Winery in Oregon.

Titles by Danuta Pfeiffer

Through betrayals and loss and her search for redemption an idealistic journalist becomes the unlikely co-host to a television evangelist bent on becoming the president of the United States. When her past catches up to her, she is caught in the cross hairs of politics and religion.

  • by Danuta Pfeiffer

    • Released: September 2022
    • Genre: Novels

    Firmitas, the second book in the Pocket Full of Seeds Trilogy, continues the saga of Horace and Fredericka and their flight to freedom along the Oregon Trail. They must persevere across brutal terrain rife with imposters, slavers, horse thieves, and eccentric travel partners to reach the boiling cascades of the Columbia River. Meanwhile, a young San Francisco comes to life and an unproven “shortcut” through the Sierra Nevada Mountains tests endurance beyond imagination.

  • by Danuta Pfeiffer

    • Released: May 2021
    • Genre: Novels

    Libertas is a love story rising from the despair of slavery. Fredericka is the daughter of a White plantation owner and his Black house slave. Horace is a literate slave-companion to the son of a New York hotel baron.

    This first book in the Pocket Full of Seeds Trilogy follows their flight for freedom through nineteenth-century America. It was a time when runaway slaves were hunted, steamships sailed around the Horn to San Francisco, horse-tugged boats navigated the Erie Canal, a midnight tsunami struck Buffalo, Mormons sought a new Zion, and wagon trains lumbered across a continent littered with unmarked graves. Most of all, this is a story driven by an unquenchable thirst for libertas.

  • by Danuta Pfeiffer

    In this gripping memoir, Danuta (Soderman) Pfeiffer, known to millions as the former co-host of The 700 Club with Pat Robertson, explains her sudden disappearance from the evangelical world and explores her chaotic past living under her father’s imposing shadow.

    This is a story of navigating identities through a remarkable life. Danuta Pfeiffer was an unwed teenage mother escaping to the tundra of Alaska; a journalist who inadvertently became a television evangelist with a ringside seat to a presidential campaign; a wife c aught in a web of deceit and substance abuse. Through it all, she clings to her father’s legacy, sustained by his tales of fortitude and endurance when faced with the horrors of war. Finally, living happily as a winemaker in Oregon, she finds she must once more reinvent herself, when during a sojourn to the Carpathian Mountains of Poland she uncovers long-buried family secrets. Chiseled is the story of one woman brave enough to chip away at a life of lies and finally arrive at a shining core of truth.


  • Jane Finch, Readers' Favorite

    This is an amazing story and I had to keep reminding myself that it was a biography and not a work of fiction because the trials and struggles that the young Danuta went through defies belief. . . It is a tribute to the author that her writing was so descriptive and emotive that I was unable to put it down until the end.  This story will stay with me for a long time. . . I give enormous credit to the standard of writing which made this a truly memorable read.

  • Kristine Hall, Readers' Favorite

    I highly recommend Chiseled, as Danuta Pfeiffer eloquently shows that truth can be more dramatic and fascinating than fiction. Readers be prepared to be angry — and possibly shed a few tears — but in the end, feel inspired.

  • John DeDakis Former CNN Senior Copy Editor ("The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer")

    I come away from reading “Chiseled” with tremendous respect and admiration for her. This is a powerful and courageous memoir filled with one stunning twist after another. She reveals truths about herself that are as excruciating as they are liberating. The takeaway for me: the truth will set you free, even if it hurts to tell it.

  • Gisela Dixon for Readers’ Favorite

    The writing style is fast-paced and engaging, and her voice comes across as genuine and authentic. . . a gripping memoir and one that I enjoyed reading tremendously.

  • Katherine Cole, The Oregonian

    The story reads like fast-moving fiction!

  • Hilary Berg, Editor, Oregon Wine Press Magazine

    I could not put the book down. I found myself poring over the pages in my car, in a park, during work hours two days in a row. I was entranced. . .

  • Anne-Marie Reynolds for Readers' Favorite

    I found it gripping, one of those books that is not easy to let go of. As well as being the true story of her journey to find herself, to find the real truth about her life and her family, it’s also a story that encourages others to start their own journeys . .

  • Maria Beltran for Readers' Favorite

    The journey to Alaska, told with snippets of a life she leaves behind, adds an element of thrill and expectation that makes the reader read on and on. In the final part of the book, her father’s story and her crumbling marriage make an interesting juxtaposition. And just as we think we know how her story ends, it takes another turn that is completely unexpected. Hers is an extraordinary life told in a remarkable way!

  • J.Ward

    She allows the reader to see behind the cameras of her life and in telling her story, she explores love, trust, deception, forgiveness, faith, courage, and endurance. Buckle up for this one folks. I loved the book and could not put it down.

  • John D. Synder

    This is an amazing book! It is difficult to find adequate adjectives to describe it. Danuta is a great storyteller and she takes the reader on an incredible roller-coaster ride.