Edward Fahey writes mystical tales for those struggling with darkness in their everyday lives and who ache for connection with something wiser and stronger than they see themselves to be. Something ancient and eternal that can guide them toward hope. His stories touch magic—those reading them can find hidden doors and step through.

Title by Edward Fahey

  • by Edward Fahey

    • Released: December 2021
    • Genre: Novels

    Amazing children are popping up in all cultures.

    Nine-year-old Benjie wants to be taught The Ageless Wisdom by the ghosts of ancient shamans but would settle for moving spoons around with his mind.

    Little Sylvie lives in a mystical place only special ones can find. She sees and understands what others can’t.

    Maddie has been labeled autistic. He studies every detail of some inner world but doesn’t find the outer one worth commenting on. He senses darkness rising up.

    Tragedy strikes. Mankind is driven to despair. Could this be a global Dark Night of the Soul? Tearing away everything we depend on, making room for something greater?

    Near ancient carved walls at archeological sites, and in meetings of hidden societies, legends begin to surface of mysterious, “Elders” guiding us, unseen, through times of great need. Of special little ones leading those who are ready into planetary rebirth.

    Some of us won’t make it.