Ethan ZH Yeoh wears a sunshine smile and has loads of beyond-the-galaxy ideas. Ethan finished writing this book right after his eighth birthday in 2021. During weekends, you may catch sight of him reading books, playing games, strolling around museums and parks, or simply munching delicious food in local restaurants. Ethan lives with his parents in the San Francisco Bay Area and he loves traveling the world. Aside from attending school, Ethan is also a proud Boy Scout and a student at Johns Hopkins University’s Center for Talented Youth (CTY) and Northwestern University Center for Talent Development (CTD).

Title by Ethan ZH Yeoh

  • by Ethan ZH Yeoh

    The mysterious, floating Island of the Sky brews with threats that disrupt the peace of all creatures until a gang of dare-devil creatures and a girl from a faraway land take up epic battles against Gordon, the legendary venomous viper, and his minions. Will the looming threats rip the beautiful Island apart, or will righteousness and peace be restored? This heartwarming, whimsical story will lead you to a world beyond. So come and venture with Audrey, Zenith, and the heroic gang to the Island of the Sky.