Fiona Goodwin combines a flourishing private therapy practice in Los Angeles with touring the one-person stage play A Very British Lesbian. In the shadow of the pandemic, Facebook Live gave her a new platform. Gay women from all over the world flocked to her bi-weekly shows. “Corona Live Poetry Left Coast Lesbian Lunch Crying in Bed with Fiona Show” has become a sanctuary for lesbians. Online workshops have naturally evolved from it. This year Goodwin will resume touring the stage version of the book in New York, Los Angeles, London, and Sydney.

Title by Fiona Goodwin

  • by Fiona Goodwin

    • Released: September 2021
    • Genre: Memoirs

    Fiona Goodwin first kissed a girl at the age of eighteen in 1970. She was as shocked as anyone, and her confession to the pastor led to a failed Linda Blair-style exorcism. The odyssey that followed included training as a nun in Italy, a starring role as Satan with a wandering troupe of missionaries in Honduras, filmsets in Hollywood, the Comedy Store in LA, a five-star review at the Edinburgh Festival 2019, and eventually a journey with ayahuasca in Peru.

    A love story of epic proportions and the struggle to shed the cult of fundamentalist Christianity are at the heart of this story. Its universal appeal is in the courage to tell the truth: everybody has the choice to keep the status quo and live a muted version of themselves, but this memoir is a rallying cry for anyone, straight or gay, who has denied the bigger truth of who they are.