Fred Liljegren resides on his farm in rural Parkers Prairie, Minnesota with his lovely wife, Claudia. He continues to dabble in farming while still finding time to partake in his various hobbies, among them, traveling, flying, and fixing up David’s shed.
David O’Brien resides in Alexandria, Minnesota with his lovely wife, Julie, and his four children—John, Jayme, Kellen, and Kaitlyn. He teaches at Parkers Prairie High School and Central Lakes College. He has hobbies and enjoys doing things sometimes.

Title by Fred Liljegren & David O’Brien

  • A Mostly Rural Life

    Released: January 2022

    Genre: Memoirs

    Fred Liljegren was born during the Baby Boom. He grew up in the Cold War and came of age during Vietnam. Raised in rural Minnesota, he milked cows during the farm crisis years and witnessed the decline of the small dairy farmer.

    We all live history in our own unique way; how we respond to the barrage of life is what makes us who we are. In Fredtime Stories: A Mostly Rural Life, readers take a walk through the fields of the family farm, foreign shores of military service, the halls of academia, and home again, as described by Liljegren with wit and wisdom, story by story. Fred and David met while serving as substitute teachers at Parkers Prairie High School. Fredtime Stories is the most recent of a number of projects they have worked on together.