George “Gramps” Chadwick and his wife Shirley “Granny” Chadwick have been bringing their family to Lake Sabrina since 1969. What started as a short fishing trip with their two sons has expanded over the years to include four generations and counting.  Gramps’s love of his family and the Lake Sabrina wilderness inspired him to create stories. They’ve captivated the imagination of his grandchildren and his great-grandchildren and kept their attention while hiking on a trail or sitting in a boat trolling for trout along the Lake Sabrina shoreline.  The author’s collection of stories has been published to share with others the joy of time spent in the Lake Sabrina area. Gramps hopes children will enjoy both reading and hearing these tales, and parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents will be inspired to tell their own stories of adventure and wonder.

Title by George L. Chadwick

  • by George L. Chadwick

    Slip between the pages of The Tall Tales of the Sierra and be transported into the adventure and wonder of the Sierra Nevada mountains. In these collected stories, readers will be introduced to Ol’ Blue, the rainbow trout that outwitted all who fished the mountain lakes, bank robber Luther Longfoot, who left a trail of stolen treasure along a riverbank, and other characters whose stories unfolded amid majestic scenes of Lake Sabrina, Blue Lake, South Lake, Bishop Creek, and Cardinal Gold Mine.

    After reading The Tall Tales of the Sierra, maybe, just maybe, you’ll be tempted to visit the lakes of the Sierra Nevada mountains and stumble across some legends yourself.