Ginette DePreist Author

Ginette DePreist, a native of Quebec City, was married to James DePreist for more than thirty years and traveled with him throughout his career. She now lives in Portland, Oregon.

Title by Ginette DePreist

  • REACH UP by Ginette DePreist

    by Ginette Depreist

    • Released: June 2024
    • Genre: Memoirs

    Ginette Depreist’s life with James DePreist was a wonderful one. One filled with excitement, rewards and love with a partner she would have never dreamed of. His life, however, was so much more. His journey took him through so many twists and turns and almost insurmountable challenges that he managed to overcome through his entire life and career as the most internationally acclaimed African American symphony conductor of his time. His tenacity and perseverance taught him to never give up and always reach up.