K.A. Ellison lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, two children, one dog, three cats, and a hamster. Enjoying hiking, walking, and swimming, she has a long-standing interest in the outdoors, birds, and other animals. Earning an MCA in contemporary art, she has an extensive exhibition history, with paintings in numerous solo and group exhibitions, nationally and internationally. With a B.A. Majoring in Literature, K .A. Ellison has, in addition to writing children’s stories, Ellison has published poetry and short stories in literary magazines and anthologies.

Titles by K.A. Ellison

  • by K.A. Ellison

    From the Author of Wacky Winter Birds, K.A. Ellison delights again, with beautiful bright illustrations and an enjoyable story that enchants, encouraging community, friendship, caring and wonderment in the beauty of nature. The park bustles with family, friends, and community. This dream-like imaginative picture book illustrates the power of the imagination and transports readers to outdoor adventures with plenty of fun to be had! Fun at Stewart Park is a book that families will love reading over and over.

    Roseburg, Oregon seems like a quiet town, sometimes without a lot to do. But in the midst, Stewart Park offers just about everything you would want in a park, with adventures and many things to do, from playgrounds, a real-life train to climb on, wildlife pond and much more!

  • by K.A. Ellison

    Brent the blue jay is not looking forward to winter. He does not like the slushy sidewalks and the sound of shovels scraping. He does not like eating dinner after dark, waking up before the light, and worrying he might catch a cold. So, he goes in search of winter birds and observes what fun can be had. Along the way, he learns about other birds happily adapting during winter. And he discovers how to make the most of the coldest season. Finally, the birds meet up and have good times in the snow. Wackiness ensues. K.A. Ellison presents an educational but fun-filled winter story about birds and adaptation.